Anki is a great software piece dealing with Spaced Repetition.

The second generation of Anki offers a different view on cards, notes, facts and layouts. Compared to the first version of this program, one may be confused by alternating definitions. But after a short period everything gets clear and logical.

I learn German nouns with my custom note type GermanNoun. It exposes the following fields:

  • Wortform;
  • Artikel;
  • Aussprache;
  • Paradigma;
  • Bedeutung;
  • Beispiel.

The trick is to combine these field with the help of card layouts. Using only 6 fields (many of them can be ommited) we are going to generate a lot of useful card.

Here the examples of the front card side:


    The corresponding back side can be encoding as follows:

    <span style='color: red; font-size: 16px'></span>
    <hr id=answer>

You may want to experiment with colors and font properties. HMTL to rescue :)